I have found a reproducible lockup in 1.2.1.
I've had a look for the reason myself, but I'm not getting very far.
So if anyone else can find it, that would be good.

STEPS to reproduce the lockup.

1. Start the gimp.
2. Double click on the eraser tool to bring up tool options.
3. Select "hard edged"
4. Click "Close"
5. Single click on the pencil tool.

It is now locked.

This is not the way the bug was origonally found
( I was told about it by another user ), but it boils down to this.

Using gdb, it appears that it is in a loop in
eazel_engine_fill_gradient_rgb_buffer() from
Could it be a bug in some eazel code...?...?  Or is it the way the gimp
uses it?

I'm using Mandrake 8.0.  If this doesn't happen on other platforms let
me know and
I'll take it up with Mandrakesoft.

Russell Strong :)

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