This is gimp-print version 4.1.7, a development release on the 4.1 line.

This software includes the Print plug-in for the Gimp, and GhostScript
and CUPS drivers.  The support for printers in GhostScript and CUPS is
identical to the support for these printers in the Print plugin --
they use the identical code base.  Please read src/ghost/README and
src/cups/README for more information on this.

The Gimp Print plugin requires the Gimp 1.2.

Gimp-Print 4.1.7 contains the following changes over 4.1.6:

1) A bug in the internationalization code that prevented compiling
   on systems not based on GNU libc (for example, Solaris, BSD) is now

2) Significant dither improvements, as follows:

   * The Adaptive Random and Random Floyd-Steinberg dither methods
     have been removed.  There is no evidence that they offer any
     quality enhancement over Adaptive Hybrid and Hybrid

   * The Ordered dither method is greatly improved.  It now produces
     correct colors on 6 and 7 color and variable drop size printers.
     This method is recommended for continuous tone images, as it is
     faster than Adaptive Hybrid and equal in quality in most cases.

   * The Adaptive Hybrid dither method continues to be recommended for
     images with a significant component of line art and text,
     particularly with very fine, sharp detail.  It is considerably
     smoother in transition regions with 6 and 7 color and variable
     drop size printers, thanks to the improvements in ordered
     dithering.  Tests on an older 6-color printer (Epson Stylus Photo
     EX) suggest that transitions should be completely invisible to
     the unaided eye at reasonably high resolutions.

   * Both Ordered and Adaptive Hybrid appear to use less ink
     (particularly less light ink) on 6 and 7 color printers.

   * Variable drop size Epson printers will exhibit a smoother black

3) PCL printers will print pages with a lot of vertical white space
   much more efficiently.

4) The Epson driver offers more choices of ink types, including 3 and
   5 color composite-only inks (black is produced by composition of
   CMY only; no black ink is used).  This may be useful in some cases.

5) Tentative support for vertical zero margin printing has been added
   for Epson printers that support it (notably the Stylus Photo
   780/790, 890, and 1280/1290 printers).  This feature is

6) The Gimp plugin name was incorrect in 4.1.6.

7) The CUPS driver no longer offers the Custom page size as the
   default; it now offers Letter size as default on most printers.

8) The CUPS driver no longer allows printing in color to black and
   white printers (such as laser printers).

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