> I made a gallery maker plug-in + batch convertion ...
> available from : http://www.dtlord.com/gallery
just a few points:

- add some errorhandling please! (e.g. check if the files you try to
  open can be read/written ...)
  just played around with it for the last ten minutes and couldn't til it
  got it work for the first time ...
- the script overwrites the original files without a warning ...
  not so nice ;)
- the html file should probably reside in the same directory as the
  pictures, not in my home dir
- the interface aint very intuitive either ... that
  "Gallery () Yes () No" radio button doesn't make any sense to me
- some more control over the created html would be nice ... maybe some
  template for header/footer
- gimp can handle other image formats than jpg, why not make use of it?
- why does the plugin register in <Image>/gallery_maker, it has nothing
  to do with the active image and should be somewhere in <Toolbox>/Xtns/...


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