[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-05-20 at 0133.49 +0200):
> > Regarding the question to include it with core Gimp: As already 
> > discussed here several times, the plan is to distribute less 
> > plug-ins with the Gimp core package instead of adding new ones.
> Have you got a link to some of these discussions? I could not find 
> them in the archive. The only thing I could find was a mention of a 
> plug-in page at Source Forge:

People discuss things in many ways, not just mail lists. Things like
real meets, IRC and private mail are nice examples, and Gimp staff is
not different. They had a meet past year IIRC, you can read them talk
in the #gimp channel about ideas and you can mail them privately if

You can use those methods or wait until somebody writes a note to the
list or in a webpage. You can also use those methods, and then write
the note yourself. ;P

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