[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-05-20 at 1636.07 +0200):
> It turns out we need a plug-in manager. What functionality should
> such a beast have? Here's a list of things that came to my mind:
> It should be able to download and install precompiled binary 
> packages or download sources, compile and install them. A solution
> for the binary packages would be to use the binary packaging 
> system provided by the distribution. Since there are a bunch of
> different distrbutions out there, this might be tricky.

I would make a basic plugin handler so users can remove / add them to
menus, if installed, and let the real task of getting the plugin to
user / pkg system / whatever. If you use a pkg system, it can do it
for you better than anything, if not, there is a make install target
or a gimptool mode for that. I do not think becoming another Red
Carpet is worth the time (which in place seems to be APT with GUI).
Also it would mean secutiry audit for UID 0 routines.

We all know how fun would be messages like "I got new plugins, but my
other account does not have them" or "it gets them, and then hangs
while CPU and disk go 100%" (compilation) or "it seems hung, but after
some minutes it says error, missing lib, and I have that lib" (but not
lib-devel). If people with knowledge can have problems, imagine the

So I would split the system more at source level, so you get x groups
and build & install them (or make distro pkgs then install) following
an order, like you can do with GNOME, ie. ATM I already use that (with
x=2): gimp and gimp-data-extras.

PS: OTOH it would be nice if Gimp could read & post mail & news. And
IRC too. /me ducks & runs.
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