On Sun, 20 May 2001, "Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" 
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-05-20 at 0133.49 +0200):
> > > Regarding the question to include it with core Gimp: As already 
> > > discussed here several times, the plan is to distribute less 
> > > plug-ins with the Gimp core package instead of adding new ones.
> > Have you got a link to some of these discussions? I could not find 
> > them in the archive. The only thing I could find was a mention of a 
> > plug-in page at Source Forge:
> People discuss things in many ways, not just mail lists. Things like
> real meets, IRC and private mail are nice examples, and Gimp staff is
> not different. They had a meet past year IIRC, you can read them talk
> in the #gimp channel about ideas and you can mail them privately if
> needed.

I did a quick search in my personal mail archive archive, and I saw
that the distribution of plug-ins has been discussed several times on
this list.  Although the face-to-face meetings, private e-mails and
IRC sessions are not publicly archived, you can still find a lot of
stuff by looking in the archives of this list.

Here are some public archives:

You should look at the following discussions:
- From mid-October to mid-November 1999, subject "Plugins"
- End of January 2000, subject "Plugins at Sourceforge", with some i18n
  parts continued in February 2000.
- Mid-December 2000, subject "RFC: The future of The GIMP".  Several
  replies discussed the distribution of plug-ins.

Some very interesting points were brought up in October 1999 (look at
some messages from Sven and Marc).  If you intend to contribute to the
discussion about the distribution of plug-ins, you should definitely
read the archives so that we do not repeat the same things again and


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