Harald Prasse writes:
 > I have The GIMP installed under WIN2000 with Local language settings
 > set to Belgian...

 > I'd like to set it to English though, how do I get it done?
 > The set lang=c in the autoexec.bat doesn't do anything 

Probably Win2k doesn't use autoexec.bat? Try setting it from the
Control Panel (don't remember the exact location where to set
environment variables using the GUI in Win2k).

 > setting up a batch file to start th GIMP with that setting doesn't
 > actually start it.

PATH problem, DLLs not found? If you use the "start" command to start
gimp, it should use the same Registry magic (the "App Paths" entry
that adds the directory with the DLLs to PATH when running gimp.exe)
that Explorer does when you double-click on the GIMP shortcut. If you
have just the file path to the gimp.exe in the .bat file, this
Registry setting doesn't get used.

Anyway, it might be simple to just remove the "locale" subdirectory
from the GIMP installation.

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