Kelly Martin schrieb:

> >I know, I know.  Since we're probably going to rewrite the site in
> >something less arcane and more known, now is the ideal time to revamp
> >the look and feel.
> I hate it when sites change things.  (My credit card company changes
> their online customer service system every couple of months and it
> drives me nuts.)  There is nothing at all wrong with the current look
> and feel, and I see no reason at all to change it.

Well, thats a different extreme. :-)

Many sites have never changed since 1995. Some are changing too frequently.
With we have sort of the first one (even if its not THAT old). With
a redesign in both content and structure we can be more flexible and add
more things which are usefull to both new and "old" users. The current
webpage organises all html-pages in the root-direcotry of the server. This
is definitely NOT flexible enough.

Result: 404 - not found

The site-design  neednt be redesigned from scratch. It may be enough to
polish it up and remove the "Gimp-standard-script"-look, which was copied
all over the web and today has a bit trashy touch. Definitely not a good
representation for the greatest graphic program on earth. :-)



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