On Wed, 23 May 2001 17:13:54 +0200 Christoph Rauch

> I have updated my lists at http://home.bn-paf.de/smokey/gimp_org/
> It would be great if we could get all that uncertainty out of them.
> :-))
> We must know what we want to have as the result and how to get there.

One point I have to criticise:
"...* No so important ones: 1. Netscape 2. IE..."

The web-site should look perfect in every browser, also there are many
Windows users and people who use Windows at the office / internet café
:-) etc. Any discussions about which browsers must be supported more /
less are no good IMHO.

Anyway, here are my votes on different topics (see also my mockup):

1. layout - appearance - clean and cool, the current color map is not
that bad, consequent "theme"
2. in-detail design - a set of icons is required to mark special news,
sections... see above
3. a logo is nice, should contain Wilber
4. navigation structure should be changed (see my mockup)

1. all news in the Gimp / general image processing world (new
algorithms, contests...)
2. tutorials, articles, interviews (ok, this is a little portal-style
but why searching the net for hours to find stuff you need!?)
3. (maybe) integrate registry.gimp.org and add screenshots / examples as
far as posible
4. dynamic list of mirrors, RPM / DEB locations
5. links to external resources (e.g. linuxgraphic.org, gtk.org,
linuxartist.org <- is it alive, btw?)
6. mailinglist archives
7. cvs usage / getting involved / compilation / requirements / Windows
LZW quirks

1. dynamic - php/*sql - easy to code, offers many possibilities, we use
it at the GUG and it's excellent for those purposes IMHO

1. people should get an editor's account to add news, articles etc. via
web-interface (perhaps slashdot-like commenting, get ready for "AC",
"fp" and "g....e.cx" ;-))

Just my 0.02 Euro.

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