Christoph Rauch ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> The current page displayed in lynx is "suboptimal".

For a neat trick have a look at .
The layout is similiar to the Gimp homepage but the menu is at the
*end* of the page. This is done with a small table trick:

  +----+                              |
  | M  |    Content                   |
  | e  |                              |
  | n  |                              |
  | u  |                              |

With this layout the "Menu"-Html-code is *after* the "Content"-HTML
Code and lynx renders it at the end of the page. You don't have to
skip lots of links at the beginning.

> PHP has a advantage over passive html-pages. You can react on the user
> immediately. Think of: You go to in germany and see german
> content. Same thing in GB or the US and you see it in english. PHP can be
> made to react on the browsers language preferences.
> But perhaps we could configure Apache to do it too?

Yes, this is possible with content negotiation.

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