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> Marketers will tell you that you have to change the site

Sorry, could not resist, joke ahead:

A shepher is in the plains, just watching his sheeps, and an all
terrain vehicle appears from nowhere. A guy with a nice suit and a
laptop jumps to ground, and asks the shepherd:
- If I tell you how many sheeps do you have, would you give me one?
- Uummm, OK.
The suit guy starts to do some computing, requests extra data via
mobile phone, process satellite photos and after an hour of activity
- You have 1457.
- Yes! Choose a sheep.
The guy gets one, and the shepher asks with a funny face:
- If I tell you what is your job, do you give me it back?
- Ooh, why not.
- You are a consultor.
- How do you know?
- You appeared even if I have not called you, you told me a thing I
already know... and you have choosen my dog.


It can be applied to other professions, consulting was just the one at
hand, but I guess it shows clearly the modern trend of doing things
just cos someone says it, not cos they are needed. We can give some
kicks to the site design, sure, but I would preffer to give some kicks
to the content, so it is useful and updated.

What is more, a plain looking site, while not appealing at first
visit, would be visited again if people see it is useful ("looks
plain, but it has all the info I was searching, oooh! no more time
wasted browsing!"). I guess that is the reason people like Google: it
works and does not look overworked.

BTW, is there a Script-fu coding style? I have an idea in mind: clean
scripts a bit, and publish some rules, in the same way Gimp C code has
some rules (published?).

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