[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-05-23 at 2056.32 +0200):
> As far as I know, there is no Script-Fu coding style described
> anywhere.  I tried to find some references when I modified many of
> the logo scripts in order to add support for "Alpha to Logo", but I
> did not find anything.  I wanted to clean up all scripts, but I did
> not do it because I did not know what style to follow.

I would like to suggest:

- use spaces, not tabs.

- for comments use ";;;;" (left, heading, optional), ";;;" (left),
";;" (code level) and ";" (right).

- use headers in comments, so you give some info, not just the code.

- files start with ";;; filename.scm --- description".

- files end with ";;; filename.scm ends here".

- put ) at the end of something, not in a new line.

- and ( just before the text, not in the line above.

- if the script launchs a dialog, write "..." in the path.

Mainly, Emacs Lisp rules. We can read them fully and use what we think
that applies, writing a new doc for Gimp site (and start patching as
time allows).

Tips and Conventions

I have not checked all the Gimp scripts, but I know some follow the
rules quite good, and others not at all (not even just what you think
about lisp languajes).

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