The LinuxTag[1], Europe's biggest Linux gathering, will take place from 5th
till 8th July 2001 and Gimp will be presented again. As there are never
enough people willing to help we would like to invite you to join us.

There is no special knowledge required. You should be able to present Gimp,
the way it works, its usage and possibilities but additional knowledge can't
be bad either. Also, this year, Simon Budig[2] will hold a interesting
speech on Gimp concerning plug-in programming and scripting.

Unfortunately, we are not sure about the financial part and sponsoring but
we'll try to compensate travelling expenses as far as possible, just tell me
where you come from and which way of transportation you choose.

The university of Stuttgart offers a sleeping occasion at their gym. Please
contact me if you need one or require additional

[1] LinuxTag: http://www.linuxtag.org
[2] Simon Budig: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

CU, Michael

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