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> Hi!
> On Wed, 23 May 2001 17:13:54 +0200 Christoph Rauch
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> > I have updated my lists at http://home.bn-paf.de/smokey/gimp_org/
> > It would be great if we could get all that uncertainty out of them.
> > :-))
> > We must know what we want to have as the result and how to get there.
> One point I have to criticise:
> "...* No so important ones: 1. Netscape 2. IE..."
> The web-site should look perfect in every browser, also there are many
> Windows users and people who use Windows at the office / internet café
> :-) etc. Any discussions about which browsers must be supported more /
> less are no good IMHO.

I agree. And sometimes it is useful to use Lynx (slow link, or to fit
the window next to the Gimp stuff) Even rather complex table hack can
be made nice in a text browser (go see www.ximian.com with Lynx to see 
what I mean)

CSS works okay if done right. www.linux.com is a pretty good example of
this - Garrett knows his stuff really well.

> Anyway, here are my votes on different topics (see also my mockup):
> layout:
> 1. layout - appearance - clean and cool, the current color map is not
> that bad, consequent "theme"
> 2. in-detail design - a set of icons is required to mark special news,
> sections... see above
> 3. a logo is nice, should contain Wilber
> 4. navigation structure should be changed (see my mockup)

There should be one designer (or a few working closely together) that
does the look I think, design by committee has never worked well. But
there is a lot of work needed in other areas as well, like the content
structure, how to do the navigation etc.

But the first thing to think about is NOT how it looks. It is what we
want to put there, what the users need, and how to organize it nicely so
it will serve the needs of the users and the Gimp project.

Once we have some serious stuff done on that area, I can even see if
could put some "free time" aside for doing the look, if you want.

> 1. dynamic - php/*sql - easy to code, offers many possibilities, we use
> it at the GUG and it's excellent for those purposes IMHO

Beware that PHP can get slow under heavy load if you dont do it right.
It is very easy to have all kinds of stupid spaghetti tricks there, as
well as get lost in the table labyrinth when you include stuff a lot.

It is easy to generate static pages via Cron if it becomes a problem
though. ("snarf http://www.gimp.org/dynamic.html static.html")


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