On 24 May 2001 20:50:50 -0400, Michael Spunt wrote:
> Hello!
> I've been thinking about the whole page structure, especially the news.
> You can check out some new stuff at
> http://www.technoid.f2s.com/gimp.org/ Sorry for using GIFs. ;-) I
> already made some sketches concerning the news (and content) database,
> its format and linking of comments. So, if anyone is interested in it
> and the appropriate PHP code snippets, let me know.
> Also, it would be cool to get some web-space at gimp.org where we could
> work on an engine. It should preferrably offer PHP, *SQL and FTP access.
> During that we could finally clear up some final points and get into
> practical coding. Else, I'm afraid that our discussions here won't lead
> to visible results soon. Btw, how far is the gimp-page mailinglist?

We should concentrate on the content, writing it, and organizing it into
the directory tree first. The look of the site is not important at this
point at all. Otherwise we end up with something c0ol that is pointless
because it lacks content. And presents it in a bad way so nobody finds
For this reason I really do think we should have a look at the
commercial apps' sites, they usually put a lot of thought in their
structure if they had any clue. For example, look at www.handspring.com.
The thing I am referring to is the 

.-- places to GO --. .-- things to BUY --. .-- news to KNOW --.
|                  | |                   | |                  |
|                  | |                   | |                  |
|                  | |                   | |                  |
|                  | |                   | |                  |
`------------------' `-------------------' `------------------'

thing for example. A perfect place to put our most-asked-about stuff
into. Or something similar. Or something better we come up with.

But my point is we should definitely decide 1) what we want on the site
and 2) how to organize it; what should be on the front page (this is
where people ponder about, try to find things, and write webmasters@ if
they dont) etc. 

Designing the actual look comes after this. After all, it is made from
with templates anyway, so the content can go there even if there is no
look yet.


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