[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-05-29 at 0938.45 +0300):
> I'm aware that most editors support such a feature. However, I would also
> like to _see_ what is going on in the program structure rather than being
> "%"-happy. IMO, C-styling a Scheme code helps me understand where
> everything starts and where everything ends. If I rely on using the
> editors match-bracket feature, it would take me much more time.

The identation of the lisp code also tells you how things are going, I
can follow lisp to the same point I can follow C, each own in its
typical style(s) (that excludes all kinds of obfuscated code).

> Sometimes one has to work on terminals, for which the terminal program
> or the editor does not support colours. I know joe does not, and this is
> the editor I use on _terminals_ (on X I use gvim). What I mean is that it
> is important for the code to be as readable as possible with or without
> syntax-highlighting bracket matching or whatever.

Well, then I think we are following different paths: the theme is
about how to code official or officially distributed scripts. Which is
different to what people, at the personal taste level, think is
readable. You are free to distribute your code as you want, just do
not ask others to distribute it against what they have set as rules.

> But people will usually know which script they used to generate the image.
> And after they have liked the script's results, they will want to create
> an entirely different text.

Have you ever created 20 logos? I did with a friend, we failed when we
closed one and tried to make it again, we have to run three until we
got the one we closed. When you are looking for ideas, you care more
about how it looks than remembering which menu entry creates it.

> > No idea. But making the Python binding default too would be nice. And
> > both should have some rules (Python already forces you, anyway).
> What do you mean by rules?

Coding style that you have to follow to be in the distro. In Python,
BTW, some of the coding style is also syntax.

> And what do you mean by both: Python and Perl
> or Python and Guile?

Python and Perl (plus current SIOD, or Guile if it "appears").

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