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PCG wrote:
> Another thing: There are quite a number of other gimp-related sites
> - I am quite sure nobody asked to geta ccess to www.gimp.org but
> just made their own site. Maybe we should specialize www.gimp.org
> into as small a site as possible that effectively collects links and
> pointers to other material - yes, this will NOT ensure a common
> layout, but it WILL ensure that content is accessible.

Damn good idea!

And, FWIW, I would be very happy to switch over the Plug-In registry
to whatever layout gimp.org comes up with so the difference wouldn't
be that big.

btw, gimp.org already uses content from other sites through content
syndication. The only example right now is Xach's GIMP-News but the
Plug-In registry also exports RDF so it could be included with little

Something to keep in mind came up when I suggested something along the
same lines to Carol on IRC: She said that gimp.org currently has
higher quality content than, for example, the registry or gug. This is
obviously because its not completely user-driven but instead uses
manual review on every item. Maybe we should try to preserve that
property while still having gimp.org mainly as a referral service.


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