> The above operations are possible with the bucket fill, but the bucket
> makes it's own selection.

Hmm??? Of course Bucket Fill uses an existing selection!

I tried it the other day. You are right. So should I make a bug entry?

Bug nr. (choose a number) Bucket fill behaves strange with existing selection
Bucket fill behaves different when a selection is active.

An other point is, that you can make the same thing setting the threshold to 255.

> fill with foreground/background has good shortcuts (ctrl ./,) but you
> can't set a mode or transparency.

it might make sense to make those two use the Bucket Fill settings.
The Bucket Fill settings are used when filling using drag-n-drop so
this can be considered an unconsistency.

No, I think it doesn't make sense, as long as they are not shortcuts to the bucket fill tool.
A normal user can not unterstand why a selection from the menu uses a tool setting.
> The first thing to do is add a "fill with color" and "fill with pattern"
> option to the gradient fill.
> Then we can think about removing the bucket-fill (I don't use it).

the Gradient Fill UI is already cluttered enough. We shouldn't add
anything not gradient related there.

You are right here. There are a lot of options, and after all it's really gradient fill.
Ok, I think we have some points still open:

-fill with foreground/background color is usefull but does not really integrate with the tools.
-bucket fill behaves not intuitive (and works to slow with threshold set to 255)
-too many tools for filling


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