Ralf Engels <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Bug nr. (choose a number) Bucket fill behaves strange with existing selection
> Bucket fill behaves different when a selection is active.

what do you mean by "behaves strange" ? The Bucket Fill behaviour is intended 
and I don't see why you categorize it as a bug. If no selection is active,
the tool tries to follow the metaphore of filling color into the picture
that flows until it is stopped by some picture detail. I think this is the 
common way how Bucket Fill tools behave. It behaves differently if a selection
is active since when a selection is made, the user will expect that the 
entire selection gets filled. I must admit that this is not obvious.

> An other point is, that you can make the same thing setting the threshold to
> 255.

yes obviously.

> -fill with foreground/background color is usefull but does not really
> integrate with the tools.

does it have to? And if so, how do you propose it should?

> -bucket fill behaves not intuitive (and works to slow with threshold set to
> 255)

yes we could optimize the threshold=255 case but I doubt it's worth the 

> -too many tools for filling

a lot of people already find it difficult that there's no tool for Pattern
filling but I'm open for suggestions.

Salut, Sven
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