> Hi,
> Ralf Engels <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Bug nr. (choose a number) Bucket fill behaves strange with existing selection
> > Bucket fill behaves different when a selection is active.
> what do you mean by "behaves strange" ? The Bucket Fill behaviour is intended
> and I don't see why you categorize it as a bug. If no selection is active,
> the tool tries to follow the metaphore of filling color into the picture
> that flows until it is stopped by some picture detail. I think this is the
> common way how Bucket Fill tools behave.

We agree till here

> It behaves differently if a selection
> is active since when a selection is made, the user will expect that the
> entire selection gets filled. I must admit that this is not obvious.

Yes, it behaves different.
This behaviour is so strange that I never tried this one.

> > An other point is, that you can make the same thing setting the threshold to
> > 255.
> yes obviously.

Oh, no. Not obviously.
A small text "fill all" at the right side of the slider would make it obviously.

> > -fill with foreground/background color is usefull but does not really
> > integrate with the tools.
> does it have to? And if so, how do you propose it should?
> > -bucket fill behaves not intuitive (and works to slow with threshold set to
> > 255)
> yes we could optimize the threshold=255 case but I doubt it's worth the
> hassle.
> > -too many tools for filling
> a lot of people already find it difficult that there's no tool for Pattern
> filling but I'm open for suggestions.
> Salut, Sven

I think we should go to more lengths making a logic and easy to uses user
interface. This should include user-test.

Maybe we should make a poll on www.gimp.org to solve this problems.

I think we have to make polls to solve this problems, otherwise there is no
possible solution to improve the UI. UI's tend to stay the same even if they are

Ok, first idea for poll:

-Do you use the bucket-fill
1. All the time
2. I normally use "fill with foreground/background-color"
3. Only to fill with pattern.
4. What is bucket fill?


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