Lourens Veen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hmm, I use the bucket fill all the time, both for patterns and filling
> selections. If I want to fill a region with a similar colour with
> another one I usually select it with the magic wand and then bucket
> fill. It's easier to see how far you'll get that way. As far as I'm
> concerned the threshold can disappear, making it default to always fill
> the entire selection (or the entire image if there is no selection).
> Magic wand can do the selecting.

this sounds reasonable to me. On the other hand, this would render the 
bucket fill tool almost useless since you can do the color and pattern 
fill much easier using DND. The sole advantage of the Bucket Fill tools 
is the threshold functionality and the fact that the possibility to fill 
using DND is not obvious. 

Any other opinions on this subject?

Salut, Sven 
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