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> I would like to be able to change comments per image I save, no 

Create a file with the names of those images you want to change, one
per line, and name it Files (full path if you can). In another file
named Copyright, put the new text. Then use this bash command:

for i in $(cat Files) ; do wrjpcom -replace -cfile Copyright ${i} ; done

What it does? Create a group of items with the lines of Files, and for
each item, call the comment writer with options replace text and load
text from file Copyright. The IFS thing is to avoid problems with
names that have spaces.

You could use other file names (created by hand or from a DB), like
Files_clientname and Copyright_clientname and you will have all
sorted. Yeah, a script could also do the trick of updating all your
disk, if you give it the list of clients and you always keep up to
date your DB ("image foo is for client bar").

The concept applies to other shells or scripts, like Perl, you do not
need to do complex programs. And you can always collect the ones you
get, like the one above. :]

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