Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> this sounds reasonable to me. On the other hand, this would render the
> bucket fill tool almost useless since you can do the color and pattern
> fill much easier using DND. The sole advantage of the Bucket Fill tools
> is the threshold functionality and the fact that the possibility to fill
> using DND is not obvious.

I feel that that last one is a problem. The GUI needs to be consistent.
Why not stick to three basic things: tools, filters, and scripts. The
tools should all be in the Gimp main window as buttons (or maybe only
partially in "beginner mode" if we do the config/skin thing, sounds good
to me btw, ICQ has it too for example), and the filters should be in
Image->Filters, scripts would go into Image-Scripts. These should then
be subdivided into logical groups, from the user side, not from the
programmer side. The user doesn't care if a script was written in Perl
or in Scheme, he cares about what it does to his image. The unobvious
things can stay, but please, keep them as hidden functionality for power
users, not as the only possible way to do it.

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