Stefan Seefeld wrote:

> hi there,
> I'm trying to use the gimp with a wacom intuos tablet. The 'input devices'
> dialog correctly reports cursor, stylus, and eraser. But when attemping
> to use the stylus to draw, the program aborts with
> bash$ gimp
> GLib-ERROR **: could not allocate -21504 bytes
> aborting...
> gimp terminated: Aborted
> Any ideas what is going wrong ?
> I compiled and installed new versions of glib, gtk, and gimp this morning,
> i.e. glib and gtk versions 1.2.9, and gimp 1.2.1.
> Regards,
>                 Stefan
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Has GIMP 1.2.x been officially released for GTK+ 1.2.9 ?

XInput (IMHO) has always been a tricky part of the GTK 1.x.x
series; you're likely on virgin territory here, because I'm not aware
of a lot of testing between GIMP and whatever changes has occured
in GTK XInput code.

I'd appreciate a bug report (pretty please?) and click on 'GIMP'


Be good, be well


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