At 23:08 05.06.01 +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
>Chris Brown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> [..., removed becuase I totally agree to the points Sven made]
>> My second suggestion is more technical, finding a way (and forgive me if
>> there already is) to allow Gimp to have skins or something like that so
>> that if someone wants it to *look* like Photoshop, they can. I defenately
>> feel that some customizability is a key to a good UI. With the default
>> being something that people are familiar with.
>GTK+ supported skins (or themes) long before the Windows world had heard 
>about this terms. If I'm informed correctly, GTK+ themes do even work on
AFAIK the win32 Gtk theme support has silently vanished, because there was
no one to put in the extra efford to keep it working.

Additionaly I seriously doubt that it would be possible to make
The Gimp look more potato shop like by simply giving it another

And: last time I looked at the PS port to win32 it doesn't behave
like a native win32 app, but like one which is used to run on
an old single task os ...

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