Peter wrote:
> Can GIMP be started with all the windows grouped the way I want?

It simply reloads the previous configuration on Linux. But I don't know
about the Windows version.

> That way, when I am in GIMP, the whole screen is working the Gimp way,
> and when I am in Word, the whole screen is working the Word way. Last
> time I used Gimp and tried to resize a window, I ended up in the Word
> document (which was underneath Gimp) and had to undo a text move, as the
> mouse movement had translated to moving text.

Basically, Windows is lacking workspaces. I don't know if MacOS has
them, but my Linux desktop has 16 workspaces (separate "screens"). So if
I open up all the Gimp windows on workspace 1, and I want to open a
second program which also has a few windows, then I simply switch to
another workspace and open the second program there. Go back to
workspace 1 and all Gimp windows are there as they were.
It seems that the problem is that Linux desktops (at least UNIX-style
ones, KDE is a lot more like Windows) like GNOME and Windowmaker differ
from Windows desktops. I prefer the UNIX desktop by far, since it allows
me much more freedom and thus increases productivity. But Linux programs
fit in with Linux desktops, and thus they don't fit in with Windows. I
think putting everything into a "main window" in Windows isn't a bad
idea. It could even have the right-click menu _also_ at the top of the
main window so that users of other programs can easily find it.


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