Branco Collin wrote:

> 'gradient' is called 'verloop' in Dutch.

Completely unrelated to what you're saying: I think 'gradient' doesn't need
to be translated - it's a perfectly good Dutch word (almost: it should be
'gradiŽnt'): according to Van Dale it means, amongst others, 'verloop van
een grootheid in de ruimte'.

> OK, they could look that one
> up in the dictionary, but I am sure that there are phrases in the
> GIMP translation that, due to their relative novelty, are not in but
> the most recent dictionaries. The reason I am doing those
> translations at all, is because I also believe that having a
> translation available will help to educate most new users, and those
> users whose demand of English is not what they think is, and other
> user categories I cannot think of right now. In other words, I am
> helping to present the information as good as possible.

Perhaps it would help (but also be a lot of work) to make it very easy to
switch between different languages in the menus, and/or show tooltips with
translations to another language.

Related to you translation work: I might be interested in helping you out
with that. Perhaps you can explain what and how you're doing it?

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