This is gimp-print version 4.1.8, a development release on the 4.1 line.

This software includes the Print plug-in for the Gimp, and GhostScript
and CUPS drivers.  The support for printers in GhostScript and CUPS is
identical to the support for these printers in the Print plugin --
they use the identical code base.  Please read src/ghost/README and
src/cups/README for more information on this.

The Gimp Print plugin requires the Gimp 1.2.

Gimp-Print 4.1.8 contains the following changes over 4.1.7:

1) The way to print black and white only images has changed.  In the
   Gimp plugin, the option has been moved from the Image Type group of
   buttons to the Output Type group.  In the Ghostscript driver, it
   has been moved from -dImageType=3 to -dColor=2.  It has been
   removed, at least temporarily, from the CUPS driver.

   It is likely that there will be further changes related to all of
   this before 4.2.

2) A bug introduced in 4.1.7 that caused roll feed printing to fail on
   Epson Stylus printers (such as the Stylus Photo 870) is fixed.  The
   symptoms are typically that the ready light on the printer flashes
   as data is sent, but nothing is printed.

3) Initial support for the Epson Stylus Pro printers: 5000, 5500,
   7000, 7500, 9000, 9500.  It is not yet tested and tuned.  There is
   also currently no support for the paper cutter.

4) Explicit support for various types of roll paper supported by Epson
   printers.  This enables Gimp users to specify the height of the
   page with a fixed width.

5) A bug that in some cases prevented certain options from being
   selected (and may have resulted in crashes) in the GIMP plugin has
   been fixed.

6) Color quality on Epson printers (particularly in the blue range) is

7) Tuned Epson Premium Quality Photo Paper for new (870/1270 and
   successors) Epson Stylus Photo printers.  This paper was
   specifically designed for these printers, and may not give optimal
   results with older printers.

8) Partial color tuning for some papers on Epson printers.  In
   particular, matte and plain paper should now produce more accurate
   grays with default settings.

9) Very dark tones and very saturated colors should be improved
   somewhat.  The result may be a bit darker and more contrasty; this
   will need some experimentation.

10) The Gimp plugin should now build on systems not using GNU make.

11) The Gimp plugin now permits the user to define a new printer name.
   This allows the user to define multiple "printers" with different
   settings.  A newly-defined printer will clone the settings in
   effect at the time the new printer is defined.

12) The Gimp plugin now grays out settings that have no effect.
   Specifically, the custom page size boxes are grayed out unless a
   paper size allowing custom sizing is in use, and the color control
   sliders (cyan, magenta, yellow, and saturation) are grayed out when
   grayscale or black and white output is selected.

13) The Gimp plugin now offers an extra option for positioning the
   image in the preview window.  The middle button moves the image in
   increments of the image size.  This can be useful in some cases
   when printing the same image multiple times on one page.

   Furthermore, if you move the image with any mouse button, and while
   the mouse button is held down you press another button, the entire
   move operation is aborted; the image is returned to its previous
   position, and does not respond to the mouse until you release all

14) The Gimp plugin will no longer compile against any version of 1.1.
   It no longer uses the transitional "compatibility" API; rather, it
   uses the 1.2 API.

15) There has been a significant reorganization of the dither code.
   While this has been tested, it is quite possible that there are
   cases where the code has regressed.  Typical symptoms would be no
   output, grossly wrong output (likely with vertical bands or
   streaks), or crashes.  Please report any problems you may find.

16) The package as a whole is compiled with more warnings enabled
   (when gcc is used).  While most of the warnings have been cleaned
   up, some of them cannot easily be removed (they're due to issues
   with external header files or other tools, for example).

Gimp-Print 4.1.8 has the following known issues:

1) The Canon driver currently produces incorrect or no output on many
   printers at many resolutions.  This has been the case since roughly
   4.1.5.  We are aware of this issue, and will fix it as soon as

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