[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-06-07 at 1108.51 +0200):
> As I said, the user will still have to adjust the value in order to
> get the best results.  So the dialog should still be there and should
> still tell to change the default value to something that is most
> appropriate to their system.  But in some cases, the initial value
> proposed to the user could be a bit better than 32M.

Yes. :]

> I do not remember any systems that have /tmp as RAM, but some of them
> (e.g., default Solaris installations) have /tmp as swap.  In any case,

Or maybe was that.

> Yes, we could suggest to use a place where some space can be freed
> easily.  On the other hand, the current text already gives some hints
> about how to choose the filesytem (local, with enough space available)
> and maybe some users would not read it if it is too long.

Put it in a small list like:

Recommendations for choosing where temporary files should be:
- local disk if possible.
- fast disk (or fastest server if no local disk avaliable).
- lot of space (it is big or you can delete files).

You scan the first words of each line and you get the idea.

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