I'm the total newbie so I hope you don't mind my posting here or at 
least that my posting might be helpfull.

I'm attempting to use the Gimp-Perl interface with Gimp-Fu, my 
platforms are Mandrake 8.0 with the Gimp 1.2.1 installed from the 
Mandrake ISO CDROMs.  All of the dependencies seems to be in order, 
the GTK, the libs & the Gimp-Perl interface.  We can't seem to get 
any demo scripts to run althogh we have them chodded and in plug-ins 
directories. We can get several demo scripts to load with errors when 
Gimp starts, these same errors are produced when these Perl-Fu plug-
ins are run from their menu locations.  In this scenario, the error 

path/and/file_name Invalid class name 'Gimp::UI::ColorSelectButton' 
at (eval 
2) line 607

I believe that the 'line 607' refewrs to the 
UI.pm in my /usr/lib/perl/site_perl/5.6.0/i-386-linux/Gimp/ which I 
excerpt below with line 607 (blank) indicated:

               if(type == PF_ADJUSTMENT) {#support for scm2perl
               $default+shift @x;
               $type = pop(@x) ? PF_SPINNER : PF_SLIDER;
              $value=$default unless defined $value;
               # massage label text a small bit (works only for 
               $label="name: ";
               $label =~y/_//; $lable =~ s/^(\w)^U$1/g;

another frequent error which demostrates a plug-in which will not 
load due to errors is:

path/and/file_name line 8: syntax error near unexpected token 'qw
path/and/file_name 'use Gimp; qw(:auto);

The example demos that I am attempting to run can be found at

Other tidbits: the only registration path I can get to load is to 
<Toolbox>/Xtns/Perl-Fu/bla bla.  These show up in the Gimp Xtns menu 
not in the Image right-click drop-down.  Also many demo scripts 
complain about 'use' and 'get' not found.

Earlier discussions on this site indicated problems which might be 
resolved with this package.  Has anyone gotten this to work? If 
anyone can help I'd be willing to be mega interactive, try to run 
stuff and feedback and debug.  I've spent a few days banging my head 
already. Sigh...weep, weep...


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