"Rebecca J. Walter" wrote:
> I don't think I have ever heard of anyone running multiple GIMPs at one
> time.  WHY would you need to do this?  You do know that you can have any
> number of images open, right?

I do it all the time. I use multiple workspaces, and I usually keep
things together by subject. So if I'm using Gimp to do some webdesign on
one workspace, and I want to create a few test images for a program I'm
writing, I have three options:
1) do that on the workspace Gimp is already on, which is confusing since
I'm mixing up the webdesign and the program.
2) move all the Gimp tool windows to another workspace one by one, and
create my files there, then move them back
3) start a second Gimp on another workspace and create my images

For me that choice is obvious. I do realise that I have rather strange
usage patterns though, my machine is always on and I make a habit out of
just letting programs I'm not working on at the moment running so that I
can get back to it whenever I want to. So I could be using three
workspaces for programming and related things, another two for making a
drawing, then three to create a website, all at the same time. Having a
Gimp per workspace is handy then. Also, when your drawing-Gimp crashes,
the programming- and webdesign-Gimps are unaffected.

Having said all that, I have no idea what multiple Gimp instances do
with preferences. My guess is that they keep the last-saved one.

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