I'm going to be out of town for 2 weeks starting Friday.

I'd like to alpha freeze 4.1 when I get back.  This means we're
looking at late August or so for 4.2 release.  My big concern is with
the Canon driver.  If Andy doesn't have time to fix it, and nobody
else steps up, I'm going to try to back out Andy's changes to at least
restore the driver more or less to the state it was in 4.0.  I'd like
decide that one way or the other before alpha freeze if at all
possible; if Andy has time after that, but before beta, we can try to
get the new driver working.

The other thing I want to try to do is get the ink change stuff for
the Epson 480/580 working.  The folks at Epson sent me some code; I
think I understand the command sequence needed, and I've asked them to
check it for me.  That's likely to go in after initial alpha.

Finally, I'm trying to arrange for testing on the Stylus Pro printers;
it would be really nice to ship 4.2 with support for the entire
printer range.

Gimp folks, how would this play into your schedule?  Do you have any
plans for a 1.2.2 release at any point?

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