On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Gustaf Barkstrom wrote:
 > I joined this newsgroup to see if I could get some help compiling gimp
 > 1.2.1.  Am I in the right place?  Is there a help list for sysadmins etc.
 > who are having compilation/configure problems?  deja news
 > (groups.google.com)
 > has yielded nothing :(

Well, the best place for this kind of questions is probably the
newsgroup comp.graphics.apps.gimp, since its charter includes the

   "- tips and tricks: how to create such and such effect, how to convert
      some images to other formats, tips for scanned images, etc.,
    - technical questions: installation, configuration, bug reports,
      programming plug-ins and scripts,
    - announcements of new versions of the GIMP and plug-ins."

The second point is certainly what you are looking for.

 > If I may ask, and I have details of my travails with compiling gimp on
 > Solaris 2.6,
 > let me know.

Since you posted your question to this list and I am using Solaris 2.6,
I might as well try to answer it.  I compiled glib-1.2.9, gtk+-1.2.9
and gimp-1.2.1 from sources, using gcc 2.95.2.  Everything worked without
problems, using the usual build and install procedure for each package:
   configure --prefix=/some/directory
   make check
   make install
If this did not work for you, I can try to help.  It is probably better
to take this discussion off the list if it becomes system-specific, so
you can e-mail me directly.


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