Thanks for your quick responses.  I sent this to Raphael as well.  Someone
on gimp-user said he'd had similar problems on Unix 5.0a (??) and this problem
also appears on the newsgroups archive available at the link below:


or type "gimp headers not found" on groups.google.com and pick the first 

Here's the problem as I posted it to Raphael and to the newsgroups:

I am compiling v1.2.1 with the script at the bottom of this message.
I am working in a Solaris 2.6 environment, with gcc 2.9.5, gtk 1.2.9,
and glib 1.2.9. Despite having compiled and installed the
graphics libraries shown in the script, and despite gimp's
configure finding the graphics libraries, the configure script
WILL NOT find the header files. I have done several things:

1) I have copied the header files to /usr/include, they're not found.
2) I have linked the header files from /usr/include, they're not found.
3) I have moved the header files into the lib directories where
gimp's configure DOES find the libraries, and the headers are still not found.
4) and this is interesting, I have EDITED the configure script, making
hard-path references to the graphics header files (e.g. 
for each of the libraries (lots of work). This FOOLS the configure script, 
it reports
that it finds the headers. However, when I run a gmake and gmake install, gimp
compiles, but without JPEG,TIFF,GIF,PNG,or XPM support!  Ack! :)
So, I know gimp runs, but it won't for the life of me find the graphics header
files that it needs. Several points to desuade questions you might have:

1) gtk+ works with the test from the configure script

2) glib works (given the point above) with the test from the gtk+ configure.

3) zlib, png, jpeg, xpm, gif, tiff LIBRARIES are found and work.
I know these graphics libs work because I compiled WindowMaker against them.
         3a)  tiff 3.4
         3b)  libpng 1.0.5 and current zlib
         3c)  jpeg 6a
         3d)  libungif 4.1.0 (or is it 4.7?)  don't have it in front of me, 
but it's current
         3e)  xpm  current

4) GIMP WORKS but without the graphics support, it just uses XGF or 
whatever it's
default is called. :( It clearly finds all the standard header files, and 
reports finding them
in the configure output, i.e. the headers in /usr/include.

5) There is a separate gcc include directory which is 
include  or something like that, which has different things, like stdarg.h 
for gcc, for example.
I did not include this in my path, and don't know how to pass these headers 
to the compiler.
(therein lies probably the crux of my problem, "I don't know how to pass 
headers to the configure script")

Script follows:
---------------------------------------------------(this line not in script)
# Installation script for gimp 1.2.1 on /usr/slocal/gimp-1.2.1
# GJB 06/08/01

setenv CC gcc
setenv PATH /usr/slocal/bin:$PATH

./configure --prefix="/usr/slocal/gimp-1.2.1" --disable-shared

# uncomment lines below when configure is happy...
#gmake install
---------------------------------------(this line not in script)

Any help is much appreciated, thanks for reading this LONG email.

Thanks again,
Gustaf Barkstrom

At 04:15 AM 6/12/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>On Mon, 11 Jun 2001, Gustaf Barkstrom wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I joined this newsgroup to see if I could get some help compiling gimp
> > 1.2.1.  Am I in the right place?  Is there a help list for sysadmins etc.
> > who are having compilation/configure problems?  deja news 
> (groups.google.com)
> > has yielded nothing :(
> >
> > If I may ask, and I have details of my travails with compiling gimp on
> > Solaris 2.6,
> > let me know.
> >
> > Thanks; I don't want to intrude on development if I'm not in the right 
> place...
>That's a gray line.  I can tell you that we field a lot of such questions
>on this list.  Whether this is the most "appropriate" list isn't for me to
>say.  But if your problems with compiling aren't run-of-the-mill, this is
>the only place to ask. ;)
>So what exactly are the problems that you are having?  We try hard to make
>compilation as painless as possible.
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