I will probably get one or two Canon inkjets for my printing booth on 
the LinuxTag in Stuttgart, Germany (July, 5-8). What is the state of the 
Canon stuff of GIMP-Print? Will I be able to print photos in a rather 
high quality on a recent Canon inkjet? Will 6-colour printing be 
possible? I don't know which models I will get, which Canon models would 
you recommend to me for a demonstration of photo printing with GIMP-Print?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Andy Thaller wrote:

> I changed the driver so that it produces exactly the same init sequences as
> version 1.12 (when it still worked ok) except for the models BJC-6000, -6100,
> -6200 (which should work), the BJC-6500 (in non-DMT mode), the BJC-7000 (only
> pagemargin fixes) and our most favourite, the BJC-8200 (still highly alpha,
> most propably not working, etc)
> All Canon users please try all possible combinations of color modes,
> resolutions, printheads, etc with your model. Please drop me a message if
> everything works fine or which exact combination produces false printout size,
> borders, aspect ratio, etc.
> Please make sure to reset all color settings etc before testing. If you
> encounter false color densities you can compensate with the color settings in
> gimp-print, please also report the values producing the best result. 
> If there are problematic color transitions and you feel like tweaking the
> color definitions inside the driver, please send them, too.
> Thank you for helping,
> Andy

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