Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> went out for some bug-hinting in the 1.2 wilderness tonight and came
> up with this list of beasts that are still alive and should be killed
> in 1.2 if possible:
>  #51358  Acquire-screenshot not working with enlightenment
>    I'm sure it's enlightenments fault ;-) Perhaps we can do something
>    about it anyway...

I've had this problem, and it appears to exist only with the version of
xwd that's shipped with XFree86 4.0.x where x<=2. I upgraded to 4.0.3
and the problem went away. Same problem (with same version of X) existed
with WindowMaker too.

>  #51164  Default image comment not set correctly
>    I've added some comments on how one could be fixed to the report.
>    Not sure what is the correct fix for this. Comments?

The default "Made with the GIMP" comment is hard coded into
plug-ins/common/xbm.c - and presumably into the others too. It seems to
me that the easiest solution would be to include gtkrc in the relevant
plug-ins, and do a read on the gimprc when loading the plug-ins.


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