On Wednesday, 20 Jun 2001, Raphael Quinet wrote:

> On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > If we'd fix this by making gimp_image_new() attach a default comment
> > parasite (just like it sets the default resolution), all images touched
> > by The GIMP would get the default comment unless they already have a
> > comment and the respective load plug-in takes care of setting it as a
> > parasite.

I originally held this view.  However Raphael makes a persuasive
argument why this is a bad idea and I now agree with him.  Only images
actually generated by the Gimp should have the default comment added.

I agree the image properties editor plugin is badly needed.

> The best way to solve this would
> be the following:
> - the image comment is never set when creating or loading an image,
>    except if one was already present in the file
> - in all save plug-ins, add an option "replace current comment with
>    default comment" (this assumes that the plug-ins get it from gimprc).

Yes.  Although I'm not entirely happy about cluttering every save
plugin with an extra comment-related box, I can't think of a better
way of doing it.

> It would also be nice to add the following multiple choice in the
> preferences dialog, on the same page as the one in which you set the
> default comment:
>    [ ] do not modify or add image comments
>    [x] add the default comment to the images that have no comment yet
>    [ ] always replace the existing comment with the default one


> [Should New, Screenshot, Paste as New get comments be default?  Quinet
>  says no, only add comment at save time.]

I think they should get the comment added when the image is created.
I know this means if the user changes the preferences before saving
then its not entirely obvious what happens, but I think this should be
a rare occurence.

All this discussion means that I don't think anything should be done
to 1.2


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