Till Kamppeter wrote:
> Oi,
> I will probably get one or two Canon inkjets for my printing booth on
> the LinuxTag in Stuttgart, Germany (July, 5-8). What is the state of the
> Canon stuff of GIMP-Print? Will I be able to print photos in a rather
> high quality on a recent Canon inkjet? Will 6-colour printing be
> possible? I don't know which models I will get, which Canon models would
> you recommend to me for a demonstration of photo printing with GIMP-Print?
> Thank you in advance for your help.
>     Till

I can't say at the moment. Still trying to figure out what's going wrong with
the driver. If it won't be ready till LinuxTag you could use a slightly older
version of gimpprint where the canon part was still working right. A bjc6000
or 6200 should be fine, whereas severe problems exist for the 8200.

Wish you luck,

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