Time for a collective pat on the back...

I just looked at the reports from David Wheeler estimating the total
number of lines of code that make the current GNU/Linux systems.  He
compared the lines of code in RedHat 7.1 with his previous report from
last year, which was based on 6.2.  In both cases, the GIMP is in the
top 10.

It is also interesting to see that the number of lines of code has
doubled from 1.0.4 to 1.2.1.  And this beast is still working.  Well,
the Linux kernel, Mozilla and XFree86 are still 4 or 5 times bigger
than the GIMP, but the GIMP is impressive anyway.  So congrats to
Yosh, Sven, Mitch and all other developers and contributors.

Total LOC | Package    | LOC by language
235702    | gimp-1.0.4 | ansic=225211,lisp=8497,sh=1994
455980    | gimp-1.2.1 | ansic=427967,perl=17482,lisp=9648,yacc=502,sh=381

The reports can be found here:
These reports are currently on Slashdot, so you can go there if you
want to talk about them.


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