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>    Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 15:04:14 +0300
>    From: Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: RE: UI Stuff
>  > There's been an error while compiling somehow (which required some
>  > patches) and those patches have not been implemented in the
>  > download.
> Actually, I wouldn't mind at all if there appeared a "competing"
> installer of GIMP for Windows, with more frequent releases. All the
> pieces are available. (There is an alternative installer package
> targetted at Japanese users, BTW.) I would have built a new one by
> now, but unfortunately (and unexpectedly) lost Internet access from
> home when moving in April... (Oh well, so I have spent more time with
> my family, books, and outdoors instead.)
> --tml

BTW, I do not like the word "competing", because IMHO the Linux-world
suffers from all kinds of competing software (GNOME vs. KDE, etc).
Nevertheless I will try to create another setup-file to install The GIMP for
I am currently looking at creating a setup-file using Nullsoft's "SuperPIMP"
install system (NSIS) -> http://www.nullsoft.com/free/nsis/
I am new to this; does anyone has experience with this package ?

Could the original creator of the GimpWin-installation (I think it is Tor)
please send me the source of his setup-file ? I guess that would make life

Currently I am aiming to include just the files as in the current
GIMPwin-release. To avoid the discussion about what should (not) be included
with the GIMP-installation... I have seen that discussion on gimp-developer,
but missed any outcome of it (assuming it had some kind of a conclusion).


Martijn Weisbeek

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