Hi all, Hi Raph.

I just had contact to Mr. Soquat, a member of the staff from the german
Ministry of Economics and Technology [1]. He is very interested in how patents
are a problem for free software. He asked me about Gimp and Color Management
and I had to tell him, that I don't know enough to give good answers - I
pointed him to Raphs Colormanagement Page [2] though...

At the opening of the Linuxtag there is a chance to present the problem
to a higher representative of the Ministry (5. 7. 2001, about 13.15 - 13.55).
It would be great if we could collect the relevant information and
find a person who is willing to present this at that time (about 5 to 7

Ideas? Comments?


[1] http://www.bmwi.de/Homepage/English%20pages/index.jsp
[2] http://www.levien.com/gimp/gcmm.html

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