we are getting ready for 1.2.2. I will put the updated help files
into CVS tonight or tomorrow so we can ship with much improved 
documentation. There's one issue that I'd like to see resolved 
before we release 1.2.2 though:


Would be nice if someone could try to update the attached patch 
(parts of it are already in CVS) and post it here, so people can
give it a try on a variety of platforms.

There are a few more open bugs in Bugzilla, most of them are 
problems with the Win32 port and thus do not affect the 1.2.2
release. Some are still open because we decided they will not
be fixed in 1.2 or at least not for 1.2.2. Others are bugs in 
plug-ins and it is the plug-ins author's / maintainer's 
responsibility to fix them.

Here's a query for bugzilla that gives a quick overview:


This query does not include bug-reports for versions before 1.2 
although a few of them are probably still valid. If someone wants 
to go through the older reports and update the version if the bug
can still be reproduced, that would be very much appreciated.

Salut, Sven
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