This is gimp-print version 4.1.99a1, the first alpha release leading
up to the 4.2 stable release.  This release is not 4.2.

Gimp-Print 4.1.99a1 contains the following changes over 4.1.10:

1) Print quality is substantially improved using Fast and Very Fast
   dither algorithms with 6-color printers.

2) Ilford heavy paper has been tuned for Epson printers.

3) The print plugin now correctly saves and restores custom paper

4) The print plugin now defaults to the standard default resolution
   for a given printer, rather than the lowest.

5) The Epson Stylus Color 980 should print more accurately at 2880x720

6) The software will use substantially less memory at high resolutions
   with Epson printers.

7) The "unprint" test program (which creates a ppm file from a printer
   output file) is considerably faster, more robust, and better
   handles variable dot size and 6-color output.

8) The preview window in the plugin uses its space more efficiently,
   allowing for a larger preview in many cases.

9) The Canon driver has been partially fixed.  This has resulted in
   the (temporary) deactivation of 6-color mode on the BJC-8200 and
   related printers.  This will be fixed before 4.2 release.  In
   addition, there have been some other improvements to the Canon

10) Initial support for the Canon BJC85.

11) There is now texinfo and HTML documentation available.

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