I've tried several approaches to this problem, but none of them seem to
work appropriately.
What I'd like to do is have a running Gimp and Perl-Server full-time, as
I have a very slow machine.
I'm running an Xvfb server as :1 on my local machine, and I've tried
this at Apache startup:

    use Gimp qw( :auto );
    $ENV{DISPLAY} = ":1";

And sure enough, up comes the Gimp, script-fu and Perl-Server with no

BUT, if I attempt to run a Gimp-perl script (in a mod_perl environment),
the call to Gimp::register_callback spawns a new Gimp instance. I cannot
telnet to port 10009 on the local server. There is no socket file
created by Perl-Server to connect to, so the first instance of Gimp
appears to be completely meaningless. Furthermore, everytime one of
these Gimp instances is launched, it eventually ends up a zombie which I
can only clean up by restarting Apache.

So, I tried setting $ENV{GIMP_HOST} to '****@' before calling
Gimp::init, figuring that this way I could run the TCP server, anyway.
But, this complains that Perl-Server is not running (and it's
Perl-Server that's complaining about it!)

At any rate: I need to start up the Gimp, launch the Perl server from
Apache, and have it sit there and listen for requests on either a UNIX
socket or a TCP one, and not create any zombies.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


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