Hi!  Firstoff, I want to say thank you to all the
developers who have made the gimp possible.  It is one
of my most used Linux applications, although I am by
no means a power user yet.

I have two questions, both of which are newbieish so
please for give me and feel free to smack me upside
the head for suggesting them if they are irrelevant or
already present in the the gimp.

1) I was on the lizard tech site a while back, and I
stumbled onto this page: 

I am relatively ignorent of coding, but I have seen
Djvu images in action and been quite impressed.  It
was originally developed by AT&T and then sold to
these guys.  If this site is correct, they have
released some fairly interesting software under GPL,
including the complete decoder and some more basic
encoding abilities for the djvu format.  Would this be
useful to add to the gimp?  Has anyone looked into
this before?

2)  As I'm sure many of you saw, linuxjournal did an
article on some professional graphics tools being
ported to linux for animation work.  In a screenshot
of one of those programs, I believe there is a useful
idea for a gimp color selection dialog.  They
apperently have a sort of "working toolbox" of colors
being used for a particular image, and allow the user
to label what each color is for.  The screenshot in
question is
for reference.  There may also be other good ideas
there I'm not seeing, but the working color dialog
idea seems like (IMHO, of course) it might be useful. 
Anyone have any thoughts on that? Is it worth thinking
about?  I suppose immediate issues are how to make it
behave - i.e., whether it automatically picks up any
colors present in an image and adds them automatically
to the dialog, or if the user adds them by hand as
they want them included.  Maybe the best way is a
combination - have a button to add all colors in the
image, maybe defining parameters like "all colors
present between X and X" or selecting a region on the
picture and taking all colors from there, and also
allow inclusion by hand if desired.

Thanks for listening.


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