On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 04:32:09AM +0530, Deepika Sikri <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
>    Any help reg writing customized GTK interfaces in PERL for GIMP will
>    be appreciated.

Basically, it works by NOT using Gimp::Fu. If you don't need arguments
then you can call the register function, which will not open a window
but instead will just call your plugin (e.g. examples/parasite-editor or

If you want arguments then it works very much like a plug-in in C:

   # register a function that's called when
   # gimp requests execution for it from this plugin
   Gimp::register_callback plugin_mine => \&plugin_mine;

   # gimp only clals us when we tell it which functions
   # we implement
   Gimp::on_query {
      Gimp->install_procedure("plugin_mine", .... see Perl-Server for an example)

   # optionally, you can define more callbacks:
   Gimp::on_run { # optional
      # run before any callback
   Gimp::on_net { # optional
      # when started from the network
   Gimp::on_lib { # optional
      # when started using the direct interface

   # that's mandatory ;)
   exit Gimp::main;

Inside your casllback you have to chekc the first argument (run_mode) as
usual. If you want to open a gtk dialog you should use call Gimp->gtk_init
instead of Gtk->init, because the former fetcvhes the corretc values
(ccube, visual etc..)

>    Thanks in advance.

if you have any questions feel free to aks them ;)

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