Sam Jones ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> 1. The driver I have for the Intuos is sending bad information.  This is
> entirely possible.  I downloaded a driver binary off the web.  The site
> where I found it had no description of what the driver was or who wrote
> it.

You can get the original at

> 2. GIMP support for X and Y tilt is a little buggy.  I'd find this
> understandable.  Image Pipes are a somewhat obscure feature, and X and Y
> tilt are an obscure feature of an obscure feature.  

X-Tilt and Y-Tilt seem to work for me. I created a threedimensional
brush (pressure, x-tilt and y-tilt). Please check if it behaves the
same way. You can download it at

If this brush works ok I'd guess that you mixed up something in the
creation of the brush, which is fairly easy. If it doesn't I'd guess
for a driver problem (maybe USB specific?)

I am currently using a serial Intuos with XFree 3.3.6.

> I have tried using up to 25 brushes, and it appears the last brush always
> gets chosen for at least 90 degrees of tilt (half the possible angles).
> With 25 brushes, it seems that the 85-180 degrees of tilt result in
> choosing the last brush.  It also appears that the first half or so of
> the brushes is never chosen.

This definitely is weird. While I am not 100% sure if the brush-distribution
is equal-spaced across the angles my brush is definitive sensitive in the
85-180 deg. range.

This might point to a problem that the wacom-driver wrongly detects the
bounds of the x-tilt axis.

Hope this helps,

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