I already mentioned my gradient-fu patch several times in this list. What
it does, is create PDB functions for the various gradient handling
routines, so one can script gradients from within Script-Fu scripts,
Plug-Ins and Perl scripts.

The patch is updated for GIMP 1.2.x and since I was told GIMP 1.3.x is
going to have the UI code separated from the core, the developers refuse
to integrate it there. My question is: while I adapt the patch to 1.3.x
(or probably re-write a great deal of it from scratch) - can it be applied
to the GIMP 1.2.x branch, so GIMPers will have its features now?

It applies cleanly to 1.2.0 and should be able to be applied to 1.2.1 and
the upcoming 1.2.2 unless drastic changes were taken.


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