Now that 1.2.2 has been released, many bugs that were fixed in CVS
should be officially closed, since they are part of a release.

If we were a serious company ;-) there would be a QA team changing the
state of the bugs reports from FIXED to VERIFIED, and then changing
them from VERIFIED to CLOSED when the new version of the code is
officially released.  Even if we are not so strict about our bug
handling process (where is our QA team?  Daniel?), it would still be
good to change the state of some bugs to CLOSED so that we can easily
check if a bug fix exists only in CVS or if it is part of a release.

If nobody objects to that, I volunteer for doing this later this week.
I will go through the bug reports that are FIXED or VERIFIED and move
them to CLOSED if the fix is part of 1.2.2 (or earlier).

Also, I would like to be added to the list [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Gary asked
Yosh for me, but nothing happened.  Can somebody add me to the list or
tell me what I should do in order to be added?


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