[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-08-08 at 0519.01 +0900):

IIRC, no new features will go into 1.2.x. Also 1.2.2 is the latest.
About GTK+, they are working in 1.3/2.0 now, so I doubt the patch will
be applied. You should check what is going in CVS of both, and then
see if it still applies, and how.

I have not test it, but is there a way to turn them off? In GNOME
there is a global option for this (of course some "smart" apps ignore
what the user wants). Sorry, but some people dislike distractions.

And as cosmetic detail, the text should be aligned, thus plugins that
do not have icon should have a blank. It seems a general rule of
interface design.

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